Thursday, March 31, 2011

Behind the scenes all the paperwork.

The babies are happy and getting really big {way too quick, I might add}. But most importantly, they are healthy little ones. Now, let me vent for a few..

So last night we tackled a massive pile of paperwork; bills, statements and EOB's.  Mainly, things to just simply file but the stack was getting far outta hand.
All EOB's.


This was the amount for Luke's stay in the NICU. We received a letter that insurance had not paid their portion yet and that I needed to contact my provider.  My insurance needs to kick it in gear because an amount like this doesn't just slip by.  Or does it?? Well, after we fainted from reading the amount, we found ourselves putting this letter in the "We'll get to it later Pile" instead of calling about it right away. As important as paying all these bills really is, we neglected some of them for a little while. NOOOO, I lied. I HAVE NEGLECTED opening, reading and paying them. Sean has taken care of 99% of everything. The other smidge is my part and that's to make the phone calls before we just send off a check. Yesterday, we got a package full of EOB's. They stopped sending business envelopes when they realized how many sheets they were sending at once. Now we just get large packages full of paper. Heyuh, why your at it, just send us some Copy Paper too, we're running low. You would think insurance would find a more efficient way to do this than to send a massive stack of papers,       or not.

Have I ever mentioned just how AMAZING Sean is???? I'm so incredibly blessed to have him as a husband and best friend. He's such a go-getter. He's always pitching in for everything. He makes sure all the bottles are washed before he leaves for work each morning. The coffee pot is always full and he'll even cook a full meal after a long day at work or TAKS Camp as you may call it. It's the small things in life.. they mean so much. He really is such a good guy. He did a lot of volunteer coaching at his school this year so we are praying that he gets a coaching position next year. I'll miss the time he's away (good ol' football season) but he wants it so bad and I support that.

Found this cute poem from another Twin Momma.
(So much to look forward to.)

Two cots, two pots,
Perhaps a double pram.
And even double portions,
Of bread and jam.
Crawling about,
Learning to walk.
Mama, dada, abababa.
Starting to talk.
Four sore knees
To be kissed,
All those birthdays,
Not to be missed.
Double trouble?
Lots of joy!!!
Two smiling faces,
Sharing their toys.
All those kisses,
All those cuddles.
They’re soaking wet,
‘Been in the puddles.
Up to the bath,
Now don’t delay.
No don’t do that,
You’re not here to play.
“It’s time for bed”,
And they just grin,
Such are the joys,
Of having twins…..
This was from a few days ago; sportin the short-alls.

Happy Thursday!

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