Friday, April 1, 2011

Poor lil' Luke

First of all, Luke slept for 11 1/2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These boys are taking after their Momma because man, do I love to sleep.

"You ain't cool unless you pee your pants!"
-Adam Sandler (in Billy Madison)
Luke "usually" only cries for three reasons; the normal reasons that a baby cries I should say: dirty, hungry or tired but he's pretty cut in dry which is pretty nice. However, he fooled me yesterday when I went to pick him up. He wasn't fussing or crying..but wide awake. He was sitting in his swing smiling, smiling, smiling. As I went to get him, his back felt really, really hot. Now, this boy sweats in his car seat and he sweats pretty bad when he cries so I figured he was just really warm. Ohhhhh no..this poor little guy filled his diaper (just pee though) so badly that his entire pajamas were soaked, the swing was soaked and underneath the cushion had perspiration! Here's a glimpse of his pj's. Can you see how high it was wet??  He got a bath immediately and then he got a bottle which he waited so patiently for.  He even wanted to try and hold it himself.

Isn't he sweet?

Have a good weekend and GO RANGERS!!
Mom, the sisters and Aunt Susie are all road trippin' to Canton tomorrow..Girls Day! (Sean will be home all day with the babies...but he'll do great. Just dont pull your hair out honey!! )

Watch this little video. It's a Mom blowing her nose. I think I just watched it three times it's so funny!

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  1. Ha- love the Adam Sandler quote! :) Sweet Luke! Have FUN in Canton with the girls- time away with the girls is good for the soul! ;)