Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Milk doesn't always do the body good

The boys are 4 Months Old today!!!

Well, it turns out that both boys have a milk allergy. This would explain some of the fussiness during feedings. So, I cannot nurse them anymore unless I want to cut out all dairy from my diet. We had to switch them to a Soy formula which I think is already making a difference.

The boys are starting to smile more and more. Luke is making a lot of eye contact..which makes me so excited.

Here are a few more professional photos.. Aren't they so sweet! 


  1. Oh no! Hope the soy continues to help. Don't you wish they could talk and tell you these things?? :) Before long they will... now I know anything and everything my girls want me to know (I don't like that! my ear hurts! etc etc... :) They never stop talking. ha!). ADORABLE pictures!!!!!!

  2. Amy, I meant to send you a comment a week ago about the milk. I had the same problem with both my boys but didn't know it until I'd lived through a WHOLE YEAR of one of them crying. I was drinking lots of milk thinking I was doing the right thing. With my youngest, the nurses at the hopsital told me right away he was allergic to milk. Not sure how she knew it but she did. He could not handle soy, rice, oats, etc. It was totally me for a long time. That was scary. He couldn't even take the prescription formula, so be careful giving up so fast. They may need you. You really can live without dairy, it's not fun, but you can do it for just a little while. Don't forget that means chocolate too. I didn't think of that and was eating M&M's like every day and wondered why Brady was crying so much. Ha! Good luck. Hang in there, I PROMISE it will get better!!!

  3. Oh no, that's a bummer! Poor little guys. I hope the formula thing work out for them. And I hope you are doing okay. I loved nursing B&B, but it sure was nice when we made the transition to formula (at about 6.5 months...a little earlier than I had hoped). Hang in does get easier!!!

  4. What cute pictures!! Okay- here's my encouragement about milk allergies.. Luke and Hannah are both allergic to casein (dairy protein), especially Luke. He still reacts badly to it at almost 3 years old! The non-dairy transition was hard at first, but there are lots of things that you CAN eat and still feed those sweet boys! You can eat any meat, any fruits or vegetables, anything kosher (pareve), Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips!! :), Lindt 70% and 85% cacao chocolate bars (double check on that one- it's been a while since I've had those), and there are lots of non-dairy things out there now. Also, you can drink raw milk and eat any raw dairy products. Please call me if you have any questions for me! We have been there! There is a great list online that I found after Luke was born of tons of things non-dairy that I'll try to send you. Also, don't be surprised if the boys end up being allergic to soy- about 60% of kids that have a dairy allergy also have a soy allergy. Don't worry- it sounds like you're already figuring things out. Great job Mommy!