Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Soy!

We're going to give this new Soy formula a few more days. Both babies have been experiencing one feeding each day that they just struggle with big time. They appear hungry but after a few big swallows they just cry...straighten their little legs and arch their backs. Some days, this happens twice and I just feel for the little guys because I'm not sure if it's the reflux acting up, major constipation or the formula itself. If this formula fails, we're headed toward a much more expensive kind, eek!

I've tried giving them warm water and apple juice to help with constipation but it's really not pushing things through their little bodies. They are so incredibly gasey and they appear to be in pain for as many little toots as they pass. Alright, so don't you feel for the little guys?

How about now?

What else is new? I ordered announcements and received some for Dylan Michael, proud parents Mike and Jill. Um, talk about a huge let down! I was so anxious opening the box only to find someone elses little bundle. Wait-to-go Simplytoimpress, hey..We aren't impressed! I'm assuming Mike and Jill got ours....

I'm definitely staying busy. It is an Endless Party, I must say. But I'm enjoying being home with them. They make these little noises when they're really kind of sounds like huh,  huh,   huhh, I know writing a sound is just not the same and my choice of letters does not do the sweet little sound ANY JUSTICE. It's just precious. What do they call that? Onomatopoeia.

I find myself doing everything with baby in hand. I'm getting really good at it. Actually, the other night (which this is very rare, I must of had an extra Red Bull in me or something) but I made barbecue chicken, baked potatoes, broccoli and a fruit salad all while holding Carter. Suuuuper Mom! I must admit, that's only happened once since they have been home. Every evening around five or seven, we get the little fussies and it must be the change in lighting or transition of daddy coming home, dinnertime...I dunno but I heard this is a little common, eh, maybe?? But after we eat and they eat, we're all smiles again. Did you see that cool lingo I used a second ago (dunno) Doesn't it just roll off your tongue better than I Don't Know. Ha! I like it. I guess I'm texting too often and my spell check doesn't catch it. By the way.......and speaking of dinner. THANK YOU, THANK YOU if you have provided us with a meal!!!!!!!! We are sooo grateful and I cannot tell you how nice it is to have something already prepared! We already eat standing up, on the go or just simply COLD as it is. So, thank you again. We love you guys. (Especially Sean's school, Wow! What a thoughtful faculty.)

Alright, enough for's what the boys are currently up to.


  1. Not sure if this will help you at all but my hubby and I went through this same thing with our twin boys. Both were colicky and one did have reflux. After almost every bottle when we'd burp him, we'd be scared he's projectile all over (most of the time he did). It only last for a few months so hopefully that helps you.

    We did exactly what you are doing and tried the soy as well as sensitive formulas. Neither worked. The only thing that worked was the hypoallergenic formula. It IS expensive but trust me, within a day or two you'll see a difference in the boys. We did the enfamil nutramigen and we liked it.

  2. Dejavu! (sp?) My little Khloee had to be taken off breastmilk and put on Elecare at 6 months. Here I thought I was doing so well breastfeeding twins and they take her off it. It's so super expensive but worth every penny. She instantly started showing improvement. Now at 14 months she's drinking whole milk and doing just fine. They said she isn't allergic or anything she just had an intolerance because she was so tiny her little insides weren't ready. Hang in there. I know it's so hard when they are uncomfortable. I'm praying for a quick solution for those cutie pies.

    P.S. Sorry for the long comment. I loved when other twin mamas told me stories to help ease my mind or give me ideas. Hope it's the same for you. I love the boys in their bouncy chairs. It's hard to get a twin mom of 14 month olds baby hungry..... but pics of yours kinda do! Ahhhh!!!!

  3. Holly squared-
    Okay, we got the Hypoallergenic formula. However my hubby left the Soy formula in the fridge and I used it this morning on both babies not even thinking! I hope it doesn't mess up our new experiment! But since last night using the hypoallergenic formula I'm noticing some differences already..not as fussy during the bottle and one of them just had a regular poop..HALLELUJAH! I'm hoping it will continue to help all the problems because I'm sick of switching it up on them. Thanks girls!!

  4. Poor Babies! We had great success with Luke using Nutramigen by Enfamil (until he refused to take a bottle anymore at 2.5 months old- ha!) For constipation, see if you can find Baby Calm. The Sunflower Shoppe on 121 has it. It's an all-natural supplement with magnesium that you just dissolve in a little bit of water. It should help calm their stomachs and help them sleep!

    Also get Hyland' Colic Tablets (homeopathic)- they worked wonders with Hannah who was horribly colicky (cried 7 hours a night...) If that doesn't help the super-duper remedy is called Colic Calm- you can order it online.

    Congrats on the dinner- that IS impressive! :)

  5. Thanks Adriane. I'm going to try the Enfamil if this Similac Hypoallergenic formula doesn't help (giving it a few more days) and I'll try to get the Baby Calm too. I don't think they're colicky; they don't really cry much, they just fuss around the feeding times. But I think they're getting better with this. I guess as soon as we find the right formula all problems would be solved. =)