Thursday, March 10, 2011

Call me crazy..

but I have a              teeny                     tiny                     feeling

that Carter has something wrong with his left eye..or maybe even his right eye. I suppose their little eyes are still developing in many, many ways but if there's something wrong, I'm on it!

I did some research and this seems to sum it up.

                 Strabismus refers to misaligned eyes. If the eyes turn inward (crossed), it is called esotropia. If the eyes turn outward (wall-eyed), it is called exotropia. Or, one eye can be higher than the other which is called hypertropia (for the higher eye) or hypotropia (for the lower eye). Strabismus can be subtle or obvious, intermittent (occurring occasionally), or constant. It can affect one eye only or shift between the eyes.

..hopefully I'm just overreacting.

We go to the doctor on Wednesday, so we'll see if we need to visit an Optometrist.

I went through some pictures...take a look. What do you think?
 Isn't he so precious though???
 I'm so lucky he has a twin.

Because this lil' guy is just as cute.

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  1. Our son's eyes did this for quite a while...freaked his Daddy out! Definitely wise to talk to your doctor, but as you said their eyes are still developing. Riley seemed cross-eyed all the time. Try not to worry yourself!