Friday, March 11, 2011

We found the trick!

We know they love their swings, but we didn't realize just  h o w  much they LOVE their swings.

The last four nights, Sean and I have gotten a consistent 5 hours of sleep! We put them down around 10:00pm, they wake up around 3-3:30am, we give em' a bottle and BOOM they're BACK TO SLEEP for about 2-3 more hours and we start our day around 7am. I'm doing the happy dance over here because this Mama is HAPPPeeee!

No more sleep apnea in this house!

More reasons to be HAPPY:

Spring Break is within hours for all of my near and dear Educator friends/family/hubby. (I can't wait until the boys are a little bigger and we can actually plan and take a "family vacation" Wow, that sounds crazy saying...that's something we always did with Mom and Dad.. this time the tables are turned. Yikes--we're Mom and Dad now! Well, maybe Nana and Grandpa will have to tag along for ol' times sake.)

My substitute pulled off  the big ol' Art Night last night which I hear and saw pictures that it went well.

A really sweet and generous childhood neighbor of mine (and still to my parents) got us one of our HIGHCHAIRS! 

And cheers to a yummy cup of coffee!

Have a great Friday.

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