Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sportin' the green

The boys are not sportin' any green today but Sean and I sure are. The boys are still so in-between on sizes so it's incredibly hard to find stuff that fits them right now. So, no green.

The babies are growing and developing right on track!!

The boys had their 4 month check up yesterday and the doctor was so impressed with their growth. They got their second round of immunizations today. Picture this: one baby, two nurses, two little legs, two syringes, 1-2-3 Go! Okay, if I wasn't clear enough there, they each got their two shots at the same time. Ouch! They cried real hard for about two minutes and then they were completely silent. Carter weighs 12 pounds and Luke weighs 11 pounds 6 ounces. They were both meausring around 21-22 inches long. They've been smiling more and more every day. They have both started grabbing our shirts, hair, necklaces..anything within arms reach. The doctor said Luke seems like he is ready to roll over and they've both been trying. The boys are still sleeping at night in their swings which is awesome because last night, I put Carter down at 10pm and he woke up once at 5am so I turned his swing on and he was back asleep until 8am. A whole ten hours of sleep, can you believe it? We couldn't. Luke was awake at 2am and then 9am, which is still great. I'm going to hate the days that we start weening them off the swing-sleeping.

Today, they got a shot again. This one was for RSV. The doctors haven't seen many cases of RSV this season so I'm hoping we are clear from catching that.

God is good. We are so thankful for all of our blessings.

I'm off to get a massage, a pedi and a mani.

Me and the boys. Not sure that we will EVER get a picture with two full smiles..

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