Thursday, June 9, 2011

The best babies!

Carter, Luke

The boys keep waking up around 4am which is unusual because we used to have to wake them up around 5 and 6am to feed them before we left for school. They're getting more and more active so you'd think they would sleep just as good or atleast past 4am! We still put them down between 8-8:30pm but I guess this just means they're growing lil' boys and waking up hungry. Carter is SCOOTING around on his back and  his belly. He wants to crawl so bad. If we leave him on the floor and walk to the other room, it never fails, he will be in a different spot and different position than how we left him. Luke is getting a little more vocal, still gurgling a lot but he's been laughing more now. Both boys are eating oatmeal, pears and some carrots once a day. These boys are more and more amazing everyday. They're so giggly, so content, so happy and they don't mind being held for hours or left alone for hours. (kidding! we don't leave them alone for hours.) God is so good. What blessings these babies are.

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