Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In a perfect world..

I would teach art part time (I really love my job & my 540ish kiddos there) and stay home with the boys the other time. That would truly be the best of both worlds. But, I guess we aren't living in a perfect world, are we? God has filled our lives with blessings beyond counting but he doesn't promise a perfect world. Who wants to live in a world like that anyway? Perfect world, What am I saying? We have a roof over our head, we're healthy and we're happy. That's pretty amazing in itself.

So, it's only the third day of summer and I already have a ton of jumbled thoughts and mixed feelings about using daycare in the fall. There's pros and cons to daycare but I'm not considering many of the pros at this current time. I'm not living in a bubble, I promise. I know millions of parents drop their little ones off at daycare every single day of the week but all the thoughts of doing it for the first time makes my stomach churn and my heart feels like a ton of bricks. However, we are fortunate enough to have another option. We hire a nanny for three days and my mother in law will so gladly help us out two days of the week. We have a lot to consider here.  I know there are good nannies out there, it's just hard to find a really good one. I used to be a nanny for four years so I am fully confident we could find a perfect fit for our family but we need to do a lot of interviewing in the meantime. Lots to think about... more later.

We're headed to the pool with the boys for their first dip.
Aunt Angie with Carter
Aunt Angie with Luke

    Happy Summer!


  1. will be praying god reveal the perfect plan for you and your family! i know he will!