Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Texas..

there is ONE thing that we cannot go without during the Summer, and that is AIR CONDITIONING!

Sean has been at a training all week for school so it's been me and the boys. I woke up early Wednesday morning because I felt really warm. I went and adjusted the thermostat only to realize an hour later, it had gotten warmer, not cooler. I hesitated to call about it because I dreaded getting the boys together, a bag of clothes, bottles, etc etc. I was already sweaty and I wanted a stinkin shower, a really cold one! I assumed the AC would kick back on and things would be fine. So I waited and waited and then I finally decided 81 degrees and rising was just too warm so I'd better call ASAP. I was put on hold about four times, then I finally explained to them I had infants in the house and this is was not safe.  They put me on the emergency list to have a guy come out right away. An hour passes, no knock on the door. Thermostat was now reading 83. I move the boys to the bedroom where the nursery is attached, cranked up the two ceiling fans, start fanning the boys with the warm circulating air and I put cold wash cloths on their heads .Their cheeks were starting to get rosy and they quickly became extremely uncomfortable! I was sweating, crying and trying to console them while calling the company again. Once I finally got a hold of someone, they asked me what state I was in and as soon as I said Texas, she immediately transferred me to another moron who simply said, "I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this problem in the Texas heat. There is an AC man in your area and you are next on the list."  That sure didn't help my spirits or my sweaty clothes. The boys and I got in the car and drove around the block several times while I waited for the call that the man was at the house. I took the boys to Walmart because it was close. We had just done our grocery shopping so I really didn't need anything but who goes to Walmart and doesn't buy one single thing? So I ended up buying some baskets but I sure wasn't thinking when I wanted to buy a pulethora of baskets because I'm all about organizing every cotton-pickin thing in our house.
I dont' know how I did it, but I did. I got my baskets and the boys survived. While we were still waiting for the call, I decided if I could carry all those baskets and push the boys, this stroller wasn't holding me back from anything, ANYMORE, ever again! So, we went across the street to Hobby Lobby with no intentions of buying anything but just to kill some more time. Finally, I got a call that the man was at the door knocking. We hurried home, the man checked all the switches, the fan, the freon and poof the AC was fine! The system was not broken and there was no leak; it simply needed a boost! No wonder that guy enjoys his job. I even asked him if he wanted to take a look in the attic...(only to make his time a little worthwhile). I mean, I was sweating more than he was. Sixty dollars and two hours later, our AC was still reading 81 degrees. It took several hours for our house to get back to comfortable again but let me tell you how big of a sport these boys were all day.
This is called Stress-free, tear free feeding.


  1. OH MY- it's been WAY too hot for no AC! :( That picture of the boys is hilarious! It's pretty amazing how creative twin moms get. :)

  2. Amy I loved your post! Im so sorry that happened to you, that same thing happened to us the day before we were having a big baptism party for Joshua! Any time those words Texas and AC are in the same sentence, it is an emergency!!