Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July on the Farm

We flew to Nebraska for the 4th to see my family and my Grandparents.
I'm bummed because this was such a good picture of my Grandparents and Carter was still napping.
The little town that they live in holds a big 4th of July celebration every year at the city park. I can't say we participated in all the kiddie stuff {yet} but we played in a sand volleyball tournament and we visited with family all day in the park.
Luke loves his Aunt Angie
The fireworks they put on are better than any that we have seen in Dallas so we were looking forward to those. And the best part, we don't have to sit twenty miles away like we do in Dallas.We had front-row-Joes right across the pond. The boys did awesome sitting through the fireworks! My aunt Susie (AKA: Baby Whisperer) held Carter through the fireworks and Sean held little Luke. We're so proud of them.

It was a very long day for these troopers and they were worn out!

The guys hanging out in the shade

Here's the farm we stay at when we go.Yeah, it's a little dry and drab but we all just squeeze in and it's quite cozy. See the out house? There is usually a line to use it so we just find a tree instead.
I'm only Kidding! 
That's The Little House on the Prairie home

My aunt and uncle live out in the country and they have a feedlot where they raise hogs and cattle. They also grow corn, beans and hay and they maintain it with extremely large equipment.
All the "little ones"

Here's the real farm that we are so fortunate to stay at.
Couldn't this pass for a Bed & Breakfast?
That cute, little, white out-house is for decoration purposes, you get the idea!

Windmill! (If you play that game)

Landscaping by Nancy

We always have a good time!
one of my favorites!

The boys are now 8 Months Old!

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