Friday, August 26, 2011

Poor guy

It's been awhile and I am just exhausted so here's everything in a nutshell.

School has started and the boys are going to a daycare. I still have tons of mixed feelings about the whole thing. They promised us it would be a small class. There are now ten little ones, two teachers and lots of runny noses. Luke has a chronic cough which has been around for three full weeks now. Poor guy! We took him in to the doctor and she put him on some liquid steroids. These haven't seemed to help so we saw a Pulmonary Specialist and he put Luke on some other meds with the combination of more frequent breathing treatments. His cough could be related to three things: a significant amount of respiratory congestion, reflux or asthma. Breathing treatments four times a day now. I hope they start helping. They also want a chest x-ray and a GI tract swallow study to take place so those are planned for next week. (We did a trial run at the daycare three weeks ago so you can guess where this all started.)  Carter is beginning to cough now, go figure.

Teaching and being a new Mommy is the most challenging thing I have ever done. Wow!

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  1. Amy I am so sorry to hear all of that. I know that going back to work is tough with one....let alone two. We will keep ya'll in our thoughts and prayers as the doctors try to figure out what is wrong with Luke. We went through a similar thing with Joshua's reflux, he had to do a 24 hour GI tract was a pain Im not going to lie. Hang in there!