Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The boys are now 10 months and this is our favorite age so far. They are so sweet and their personalities are really developing. Carter is trying really hard to crawl but just hasn't figured out the moving part, yet. He's definitely the more active one still to this day, while Luke continues to love cuddling and laying low. 

Luke still has a chronic cough. It seemed to get much better after we visited the Specialist but it's back. He had a small fever over the Labor Day weekend but he seemed alright. Then on Tuesday, the fever came back. I took him in right away because this cough and what ever else has gone on way too long. It turns out Luke's oxygen levels were extremely low, he had really splotchy skin on top of the high fever and the harsh cough. He also vomited three times so he was extremely dehydrated. So we had some blood tests run yesterday (after 6 pokes to the arms, ankle and heels). We are waiting for results today.  The doctor believes that he has a bacteria infection and if his blood tests are negative we will get an antibiotic hoping to cure all. If it does not test negative his blood may be growing some sort of bacteria and therefore he would need treatment at the hospital through an IV.

I stayed home today with both boys. (I could totally get used to this & I envy the moms that are fortunate enough to stay home.) As of this morning, no fever or vomiting and he's quite smiley so I'm hoping for a better day for the little guy.

Here's a picture from last night compared to this morning.


  1. Sweet smiles can make any day a good day! Hope all results come back as the best case scenario friend. Enjoy your day! :)

  2. I just love reading about your boys! My boys are 2 months old and it is so fun to see what we have to look forward to!