Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No answers

I've gotten the whole run-around from our pediatrician (who will no longer be our doctor after this week)! After all of the symptoms Luke was dealing with (and now Carter) she simply said, "There is nothing wrong with Luke's immune system. I suggest you see another specialist." Apparently the bloodwork gave us no answers, which I find very hard to believe. It is so frustrating for us to not get a clear answer on what Luke was fighting. (coughing for 3-4 weeks, runney nose, diarhea, fevers and lethargic for 2 1/2 days... something was going on.)  This is not just a hang nail!

We are looking for a new doctor this week and we will get both boys in for a check up to make sure things are okay. At this point, I don't have any real concerns with the boys other than Carter's fevers, recently but I'll assume they're mostly due to teething.

For now, happy babies..happy Mommy.

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