Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The boys are doing much better this week. Last week we still had some icky coughs and enormous blowouts but this week we're all smiles.

The boys are now enjoying some real table food. They love toast with butter, deli meat, strawberry apple sauce and of course bananas. Every couple days, we introduce something new and they haven't really turned much down yet. However, they are not as interested in the baby food anymore. They love to feed themselves now, even though half of what they pick up lands on their lap.

Carter is crawling all over the house. He loves to be by us in the kitchen and play with tupperware.

Luke (our little cuddle-bug) is still scooting backwards. He scoots until he runs into something and then will whimper until we relocate him to another area. Quite entertaining! Luke still L O V E S to cuddle...no matter what is going on or no matter how loud Carter talks, Luke loves to snuggle right into anyone who holds him. We are soaking up every minute of it!

The boys will be 1 years old in less than a month and I still have yet to order their birthday invitations. I guess it's a good thing we aren't 'goin all out' with a huge party this year. Where does the time go? I should've been on this months ago.

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