Sunday, October 16, 2011

We thought our hands were full then..

but now we're really keeping busy. Between preparing "real food" lunches (toast, fajita chicken, turkey sticks, sweet potatoes, grapes, yogurt, appleauce, avocado and maybe a few more) and chasing Carter around we really have to stay on our toes.

Carter has crawling down like he's done it for months and he's now pulling up on everything! He stands at the back door, at the couch to mess with the cat, grabs things off of the coffee table and now he just recently started pulling up to stand in front of the TV. He's getting so strong and could be walking really soon. He's also babbling a lot more consonants now which is so stinkin cute. He currently weighs 22 lbs and has three teeth coming in.

Luke is doing great. He's still needing breathing treatments everyday but they seem to help his wheezing. His personality is so fun. He smiles at everything and giggles at any noise he hears. He is still scooting backwards but he's been doing all the same things Carter did right before he began crawling. He continues to be so cuddly and loves to be held and read to. Luke weighs 23 lbs but he feels like 30! He is a chunk! He has four teeth popping in which are very visible and sharp. For once, he's ahead of Carter on the teething chart.

The boys will be 1 years old on November 2nd so we're going to have a "family" party.  They may not be walking or talking at 1 years old, but they definitely could use haircuts!

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