Sunday, October 30, 2011

1st Birthday!

The boys will be 1 years old on November 2nd, but we had a Halloween party for them this weekend. The pictures are great and the boys did so good. We have the best babies!!

Nana made the cutest cakes for the boys

Grandma and Papa

Auntie Mel and the tigers

My little tigers (and my LAME costume, Ms. Smartypants)

Nana and Grandpa and Auntie Mel got us a Radio Flyer!!

Aunt Angie, Luke and Uncle John aka Tiffany (he always has the best costumes)

not so sure..

Carter was a little slow digging in.

Luke loved the cake!

Last year around this time, I was in the hospital on bed rest after Carter's sac ruptured. I cannot believe it has been a whole year already. What a great party and a wonderful first year.

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  1. Happy Birthday boys! Wow! It's been a year already? Crazy! We still need to get our little people together! Give me a call.
    Hope you're doing well.
    :) Michele