Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini diapers: Day 12

 I just changed the babies diapers. The diapers are about the size of the palm of my hand if you were wondering. Here's a comparison to chapstick.

Carter: lost a little weight which is a good thing because it was fluid that he needed to get rid of. He's 2 lbs 1 oz. He is already starting to play peekaboo. He likes to open his eyes or just one eye when no one is looking! Carter had really high blood sugar on Tuesday and they were going to give him a little insulin on Wednesday evening if it did not go down. However, throughout the day the levels went down from 200 to 180. At night time when we visit him, he'll grab my pinky and he will not let go. It makes me cry but I know he is in good hands. He did this with daddy and Uncle John too. He has a tiny little bruise on his hand from punching his brother while in my tummy.Carter's apgar score was a 7 at one minute of life and then a 9 at five minutes of life. Yayy!
That's me holding Carter before we weighed him

Luke: lost a little weight as well which was all fluid. He is also weighing 2 lbs and 1 oz now. He pulled a little tube out of his wrist and had the nurse freaked out but it turned out okay, it was just like an IV tube. I think he was saying "I'm done with this!" Luke tends to unwrap himself from all the blankets and he likes to lay with his arms and legs sprawled out. Luke has a litte more hair than his brother. He has a couple tiny bruises on his left foot from kicking his brother while in my tummy. Luke's apgar score was 5 at one minute of life and then 9 at five minutes of life.


  1. Congratulations! Your baby boys are adorable:) My husband, Chris, and I are in small group with John and Angie. Just wanted to let you guys know your sweet little family is being prayed over. Congratulations again! Parent-hood is amazing...a true gift from God!

  2. They are BEAUTIFUL, Amy. You're a MOMMY!!! How exciting!!!

  3. They're precious! My friend Elizabeth teaches with your mom. I have twin girls- Reese and Riley who are now 2. They were born at Medical Center of Lewisville too. Born at 30 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 55 days... we absolutely LOVE MCL's NICU nurses and doctors. They are miracle workers. :) Lots of prayer and THOSE nurses and doctors have helped my girls be healthy, spunky 2 year olds! :) You'll have to tell them we say hi! :) Praying for yall!!

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